Shabby Chic Shadow Box Tutorial

Shabby Chic Shadow Box

Shabby Chic Shadow Box Tutorial | Design Team Project for KS4U

I must admit, writing out a tutorial is not my forte. However I’ll do my best to jot down all the steps I took in the making of this shabby chic shadow box.

I begin with a 6 ½ x 6 ½ shadow box. I then cut 4 pieces of pretty paper according to the dimensions of the box openings, and distress them a bit with gesso around the edges.  Just a light sweep with a dry brush will do. I then use glue to adhere the paper to the openings. This will serve as the backdrop to my shadow box.

On the top row I adhere pink roses from the shop. The foam pink rose is secured on a metal filigree; and the metal filigree is hot-glued to the center of the paper.

For the lower half opening, I glued down the backdrop paper. I then cut a smaller piece to add as a frame for what I’m about to add to the lower half. This “frame” is distressed around the edges for that shabby effect. I then cut two smaller squares of paper, distress around the edges, adhere one to the “frame” at an angle, cut a piece of lace and adhere it to the square, add foam squares to the other square piece and with hot glue, adhere it on to the lace.

I then fussy cut a flower bush from the paper collection, score about half an inch at the bottom, fold along the score line and glue this piece to the bottom of the shadow box. I then cut a piece of applique from one of the laces and adhere that to the upper ledge so that it freely dangles over the flower bush.

I make a rose “vase” by wrapping a pink rose, some pink bead spray and white pearl spray, with some pink trim. I then hot glue this vase on the bottom left corner.

To adorn the edges of the shadow box, I apply several trims; and run some flat back pearls to adorn the laces. I then use a die-cut butterfly to add on top of the pink laces.

On top of the shadow box, I added a white-painted wooden filigree. I then adorned that filigree with a rhinestone crown.

At the bottom of the shadow box, I hot glued two silver-tone metal filigrees and topped them with one singular pink flower right in the middle!

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