Elegant Birthday Card

Elegant Birthday Card Idea for Teenage Daughter

I have a quick and easy Elegant Birthday Card tutorial to share with you.  This weekend is my daughter’s 19th birthday, and she has asked me to make her an elegant black, white and gold theme birthday card.

So off I went to my scrapbooking supplies in search of black, white and gold! It’s a good thing I like using these colors, as I was able to find enough of what I needed to make my daughter’s birthday card!

Here is something that I have found myself doing lately when crafting any card, and I find it easier for me.  It’s easier not only in the sense of putting the materials together; but in the whole creativity process.  I am now working my cards from the top on down.  I’m not quite certain how to explain this to you verbally, so I will include my Birthday Card Tutorial video later in this blog.  Yes the video is in Spanish, as it is running in my Spanish Crafting Channel, Manualidades de Decor8yourlife.  

However, can we agree that crafting can very well surpass any language barrier?  When I film my Spanish Speaking Paper Crafting videos, I try my best to keep my English and Spanish speaking audience in mind, so that in case you don’t understand the language, you can still follow along.  By the way, even if you don’t speak Spanish go ahead and sub to Manualidades de Decor8yourlife.  You will find that the videos are not a mirror image of Decor8yourlife. I upload different projects in this channel. This way my viewers who are subscribed to both of my crafting channels won’t feel like they’re watching the same exact thing, just in a different language.

The Creative Process

First and foremost I get my papers and all my pieces ready. I pull out the primary paper for the bases of the card, and go to work on getting my Spellbinders die-cuts together. Once this is done I envision, from top to bottom, how the birthday card is going to look. And then I begin putting the pieces together from top to bottom.

Once I have my die-cuts where I want them, I then proceed to measuring the height and width of the largest die-cut piece allow a quarter of an inch room; then cut my first paper accordingly. Since this is an elegant card, I know I will be doing some foam mounting.

Tip: The more dimensional your card is, the more elegant it is. Even if you’re just using 3 or 4 pieces.

Once I have done this, I will foam mount the entire piece to another piece, one quarter of an inch larger. The two patterned pieces of paper complement one another and helps in adding that elegant touch to any card or invitation.

Spellbinders Birthday Card Ideas

Once the second scrapbook paper is in place, I will then measure the final piece to my birthday card (which is the black cardstock). And of course, I will go one quarter of an inch larger on this as well.

The finishing touch are three pieces of sequin.

Items Used in this Elegant Birthday Card

Following are the items that I used in making my daughter’s birthday card. I’m placing clickable links if you wish to make a purchase.

The Happy Birthday came from Spellbinders Sentiments One S2-082

The black frame I used to mount Happy Birthday on came from Spellbinders Petite Labels One S3-205

The beautiful medallion piece I used to mount the black frame on came from Spellbinders Shapeabilities Victorian Medallion Two S4-443

The tool I use to help me with intricate forms (die-cuts) is the Spellbinders Tool ‘n One T-001

The die-cutting Machine I use the most is my Spellbinders Platinum

My go-to double sided tape. It’s really the best for all projects. Scor-Tape

The black white and gold paper stack I used for this project is the DCWV Everlasting Love

Elegant Birthday Card Tutorial Video

Remember that this video is in Spanish. But you’ll still be able to understand what I’m doing throughout the entire card making process. Thank you for watching.

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