Halloween Card Tutorial

Halloween Card Tutorial

Halloween Card Tutorial – Make an Elegant Halloween Card or Party Invitation with me, using papers you have on hand and dies from Spellbinders!  You don’t need to buy a ton of Halloween scrapbook papers to make Halloween theme cards or party invitations to your Hauntingly Ghostly Costume Party, and I’m going to show you why!

I’m an avid paper crafter and believe me, I have plenty of Halloween Theme Paper Collections.  However I decided not to use them to prove my point.

As I’ve mentioned in my Stacey Caron Design Spellbinders Spellblogger DT Package video, this month I’m featuring Spellbinders designer Stacey Caron.  I love Stacey’s designs! Many of her die-cutting dies are elegant and lean towards the Goth, or Victorian Goth style.  And what better way to design an elegant Halloween card, than to use die-cutting dies by Stacey Caron!

best hallloween card ideas for 2017

Die-cutting Die Buying Tip for Beginners

When I began making cards, I had no idea what I was doing! Although there are plenty of card making “tutorials” out there, I really couldn’t find anyone to share their creative tips or tricks with me. And even though I still consider myself a novice in card making, and I will probably maintain this since I’m always learning something new, I will share with you what I’ve learned so far.

When I first started paper crafting, I longed for my projects to look as beautiful as the ones you see in crafting magazines; and it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed beautiful dies.  However you can’t just buy a ton of dies from China, thinking you are loading up your die-cutting arsenal for future projects.  This was mistake number one for me! I too went the cheap route (and it’s not all very cheap because as you know they do add up), and now I’m sitting on dies that I don’t use simply because they just don’t go with anything! It’s like buying a beautifully cheap pair of shoes online, yet not being able to wear them!

Your die-cutting dies must make functional sense. You want to be able to use your dies in unison, and that’s where Spellbinders comes in.  When you look at the die-cutting dies from Spellbinders, you will notice that their designs are made with the paper crafter in mind. You will find how easily you can combine one set of dies with a different set of dies, and it all magically falls into place! And the best part about my dies from Spellbinders is that I can use them in a hundred different projects and they will all look totally amazing!

In this Halloween Card Tutorial, I’m using two different sets of Spellbinders dies and just look at the results!

best halloween invitation ideas

It’s About the Layers

Another card making tip I want to share with you is the layering. Everything you design, whether it’s a Handmade Card, or a Mini Album, or a 12×12 Scrapbook layout, layer your die-cuts.  Adding dimension to your die-cuts make your designs pop out and look so much better than if everything was placed flat, one right on top of the other.

Make the Die-Cuts Take Center Stage

I began this post by telling you that I purposely used papers other than Halloween to design this Halloween Card, and here’s why.  I wanted my die-cuts to take center stage.  I didn’t want these beautiful die-cuts to compete with ghouls and ghosts.  I believe that they make a statement well on their own; and I wanted the eye to focus directly on the intricate design.  And the interesting thing about the papers I used, there’s not one witch, not one ghost in the entire stack. But the colors are perfect for the look I wanted to convey.  And as you will see in my Halloween Card Tutorial video is that I also chose to layer the papers as well.  The papers that I’m using are from the Black & Gold Shimmer Card Kit from the Card Kit of the Month Club by Spellbinders.

On a side note, the image that you see in the center is one that I created using editing software. There is a funny story behind how the printed image came out. That you will hear of in my tutorial video.  I have uploaded a PDF File of my Free Halloween  Printables for 2017 here. You’re welcome to them; and I hope that you use them.

List of Items You’ll Need for this Halloween Card


Halloween Card Tutorial Video

I hope that you enjoy my video tutorial. Click here for more of my Spellbinders Spellblogger Projects. Click here to see more of my Paper Crafting Tutorials.


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  1. I enjoyed watching the tutorial on making the card. I’ve seen you use the foam backing before. I haven’t found any yet. I think when I’m thinking about it, I’m not in the right spot to find any. I will eventually find some. Do you suggest just white or various colors?

    1. If you go to the children’s crafting section at a hobby lobby, walmart, michaels, etc. that’s where you will find them. As far as colors are concerned, I load up on white and black. Although I do tend to use the white ones the most. I hope this helps 🙂

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