Newsletter RAK Form

By completing this form you are subscribing to my Newsletter. You are also, adding yourself to my Happy Mail list.  My intention is to grow a Happy Mail list where I can choose a crafter (or several crafters) at random, and send them crafty items that I’ve purchased or others have donated. This RAK program I’m incorporating is open only to the U.S.

I am also taking applications for RAK Angels.  I want to send out as many happy mail RAKs as possible each and every month; but I can’t do it alone. If you are interested in donating crafty items, please complete the form and I will contact you shortly.

RAK Angels, this is not a swap. You are actually donating items from your crafting supplies to make others happy.

RAK Recipients, PAY IT FORWARD. This is not a “Gimme” or “Free Stuff” program. When you sign up to receive, I may contact you to see if there’s something you can donate in return. I will also ask you to do an unboxing video, or share on other forms of social media so that you can properly thank your RAK Angel. If I see that you sign up to receive items and then sell them on “destashes”, you will be removed from my list.

Keep in mind that if you unsubscribe from my Newsletter, you are also removing yourself from my RAK list.