Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album

Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album Using Spellbinders Dies and Trims

This Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album was a cinch to make!  I used 10 black paper bags, chipboard for the spine, glue to glue down the outside gusset and the pocket folds, double sided tape to adhere the inside gusset to the binding system, several dies from Spellbinders and Trims and Bling from Spellbinders.  I also used papers and other embellishment pieces from my stash.

best paper bag mini album ideas

Paper Bag Mini Album Ten Page Binding System

This Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album measures 7 x 4 3/4 x 2 1/2.  How I wound up with a two and a half inch spine is the following: I knew I wanted to make a ten page mini album, so I used the Hidden Hinge  Binding System, with my own variation.

I simply took an entire piece of 12×12 card-stock, cut it in half, and began scoring at the half inch mark.  The scoring process I used is: half inch, half inch, a quarter inch, half inch, half inch, a quarter inch. I do this all the way to the end of the paper.  The very last score mark will leave you with a gusset that’s a bit smaller than a half an inch; but it still works.  You then do the folds in peaks and valleys. The half inch score lines make the peaks, and the quarter inch score marks are the valleys.  You then use STRONG double sided tape to adhere the inside of your peaks. What was once a 12 inch wide piece of card-stock, is now about 2 and a half inches!

Once you’ve done this you will use double sided tape all through the back of your binding system to adhere it to the spine.  If you are more of a visual learner, and would like me to make a video tutorial on this ten page Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album, let me know in the comments section below.

How I Made the Front and Back Covers

Once you have adhered your binding system to your chipboard spine, it is time to adhere the pages (paper bags).  Tip: It is always a good idea to adhere your papers or card-stock to your paper bags before you adhere the bags to the binding system. However, refrain from decorating them at this time.

I began with my back cover. To adhere your back cover, you will use strong double sided tape.  You must be precise at placing your first “page” down.  This back cover will be your guide.  Tip: You don’t necessarily have to slip your page all the way in the gusset. By leaving a little bit of room, it will be easier to turn the pages once it’s complete.

You will do this for the remainder of the pages, always matching placement to the last page you adhered, until you get to the last page.  Now that you have the front and the back covers to your Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album, it is time to decorate.  Suggestion: Decorate or embellish your inner pages before you do the covers.

best shabby chic mini album ideas

On the front cover I used Beaded Woven Trim (top gold accent piece), Ruffled Loop Trim (surrounding the flowers on lower left corner), and Floral Trim (next to the spine) from the Spellbinders A Gilded Life Antique Gold Trim Embellishments.

I also used fine Beaded Trim along the edges and Ruffled Trim on the spine, from Spellbinders A Gilded Life Ballet Pink Trim Embellishments; and to top of the flower cluster that you see on the bottom left corner, I used a rhinestone from A Gilded Life Jewel Box Buttons Embellishments.

Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album Ideas

On the back cover I used Floral Trim from Spellbinders A Gilded Life Ballet Pink Trim Embellishments.  The other embellishments used were from my stash.

Beautiful Mini Album Tags Using Dies from Spellbinders

It was fairly simple to create these elegant Mini Album Tags. I decided to cut my tags using the Spellbinders Amazing Paper Grace Cascading Grace Pockets.  These mini album tags sit inside the top paper bag pockets and peek through to adorn the mini album beautifully!  You can glue a singular flat-back pearl on top for that additional touch of elegance!

Spellbinders Spellblogger

Shabby Chic Mini Album Ideas

So much detail went into the making of this stunning Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album.  I encourage you to watch the video for the album flip-through.  I absolutely LOVE making these! And with dies, trims and bling from Spellbinders, I know my next mini album will be just as beautiful!

Full List of Spellbinders Dies and Embellishments Used

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Shabby Chic Paper Bag Mini Album Flip Through


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  2. It’s a mini album where you use paper bags for the pages. These paper bags serve as pocket pages. The concept is fairly simple. You glue together the sides of where the bottom meets the bag. This becomes a pocket. You glue together the one side of the bag. This encloses the outer side of your page. Then the other side will serve for your binding. I’m coming out with a tutorial on Thursday. You may want to check it out then. Thanks for visiting Valerie! 🙂

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